Purple JacketWho am I? Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Student, Musician, Minister, Dreamer and Entrepreneur. All those facets of my life are included in the person Michael Ginese. In some way each of these realities will be brought into focus through the various forms of creativity available on this sight.

I’ve been playing music most of my life and have had the privilege of interacting with some fine musicians. Besides song writing I have been able to sharpen my skills as a recording engineer, arranger and producer of various projects spanning four decades. Most of these projects were with New York composers but it also included West Coast writers.      

 In the early 70′s I found myself traveling through California looking to satisfy the quest for self indulgence. Then I met Someone who would change my life and world view forever. The songs I sing, articles I write and addresses I give have the hand prints of this Someone all over them.  I am forever indebted to Jesus!

I believe that the beauty we all search for is found in a personal relationship with the living God. All the searching, and lets face it, much of the searching is down dead end roads, is the quest to find beauty and truth and to be loved deeply by another.

Music is a powerful means to share our own personal journey and the experiences that we have undergone in our search for true love. It’s my hope that you will find in these compositions, the colors and moods that we all experience on the road of life and in so doing find the comfort, hope and truth that comes from the Giver of Life!        

   Keep Shining On, Mike G