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Through the years much of my music has been performed, recorded and made available by whatever format was available at the time. I decided it was time to establish a web site to make the music and writings I’ve created over the past 40 years available to any who desire to experience them. Of late I have been very conscious of the various moods and colors that we pass through during the seasons of our lives. With all these transitions something happens in us and to us that we can hopefully articulate through the art of music, writings and spoken Word so others can identify with the myriad of moods that life flings at us.

So I encourage you to subscribe in the side bar for posts and announcements or check back with me periodically to update yourself with the tunes that I’ve been creating. In some way or another every last one of us is influencing the world around us by the greatest piece of art of all, our lives.

 Keep Shining On, Mike G

Any questions should be directed to my contact page!