Faith; Fair & Balanced in the Midst of?

Lonely Tree w words

A note from Mike sent out on the back of our Church’s February Calendar…So true, Dawn

Pastors Perspective,

Jesus said unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies it abides alone but if it dies it brings forth much fruit. Each winter we pass through a kind of death as everything around us becomes stark and brown and all evidence of life comes to a halt. Yet lurking beneath the still barrenness are the seeds of life and with the right conditions life begins to stir and burst forth.

But for now it’s a time of waiting. It’s a time to wait and trust until God makes His move to put forth newness of life where there once was none.

At times in our spiritual journey we find ourselves a bit barren and yet convinced that God is working on our behalf even though we may not always understand how. In these times we must walk by Faith not by feelings or circumstances. It’s in these times that we choose to either walk by sight or walk by faith and to focus either on our situations or to take our stand upon Gods Holy Word.

“This is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith”!      1 John 5:4

This may be the season of testing, barrenness and waiting but life is on the way. And life is what every last one of us are after and there’s no place to find deep abundant full orbed life except in Jesus, the Lord and Giver of life.

Waiting and prayerfully looking for the Lord during tough times is not always easy but it’s always very important. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength” This is what the prophet Habakkuk did and by doing so God showed him the grand principle of life that, “the just shall live by faith” 

Faith means: We sometimes stand knee deep in the sadness and turmoil of the present day but with a focus on the Eternal, trusting that God is bigger than all our situations and stronger than all our enemies.

May it be true of us. Keep the Faith!

Two of His,

Dawn & Pastor Mike

Why do you suppose the very powerful faith of Christ and our Christian faith often does not deliver us from the suffering and sorrows of this world?  Let us know, comment below… 

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