The New Adventure Begins

Hi and welcome, this is the first official post here since creating I am Mike’s wife, and friend and thought I might help get things rolling.

Mike has been making music since getting his first guitar and bass guitar as a teenager in the late 60′s early 70′s.

He’s been a pastor, preaching sermons, leading worship and raising a family since the late 70′s into the 80′s and to the present time. He is a common sense, full of wisdom kind of guy.

He has been bringing people to Jesus and Jesus to people since meeting Him in the 70′s and doing so into eternity. Where ever he goes he can’t help but “Tell The Story”

We have been in the thick of recording this past year so posting here and communication with you has gotten a slow start. I promise you that if you subscribe you will not be disappointed. People who know Mike and we all agree, that he is a good communicator. Mike is a real one, thoughtful and thought provoking. You will not sit by quietly, you will be challenged, you will be inspired and you will probably get your feathers ruffled a bit as well. As iron sharpens iron right?

Besides his music which is available now he will soon have some inspiring and cool free stuff as well. Well, until he comes and edits this post, this is the beginning. Subscribe at the feedburner to automatically receive Mike’s post or subscribe at the mailchip box where you will get the post, plus updates, plus deals and event invitations.

Blessings to all of you who dare enter the Mike G. world,

his other half,


First posted in 2012 and updated Dec. 27th 2013

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8 Responses to The New Adventure Begins

  1. MichaelGinese says:


  2. Jerry Goahead says:

    Nice sight and very powerful music. Can’t wait to hear more stuff.

  3. Anthony DiMaria says:

    hello michael i was woundering if you recorded with an artest named carmine dimaria
    i am his son and if it is i just want to say how amazing you are and what you did to my fathers music the bad news is that my father had past ive been trying to find you for years to tell you how great you are and if this is not you than im sorry to trouble you but if it is please let me know ok
    thank you so much for you time

    • MichaelGinese says:

      Hello Anthony,
      Yes, I recorded your dad back in the day. I appreciated him much. When did he pass?
      Sorry for you loss. Did he continue to write music ? Are you a musician as well?
      I’ve recorded quite a few projects since then. I will be releasing a new album of my songs soon
      that will be available on the web site.
      Thanks for contacting me and I hope you’re doing well

  4. Erik Galvano says:

    The music has a genuine, transparent feel. It’s real life with a lot of deep meaning. That’s what I get from it. It stirs emotions. Music should do that. At least good music anyway.

  5. Dennis Mayes says:

    Hello Michael, It was so great to see you tonight while driving past your home.I have listened to you music. Your wife sure has the gift a [golden voice]. You and your brother entertained me and really the whole town . The CYO dances. H.S. I thank you for that. You always had that special gift.Your voice has only gotten better through the years. Great beat to the songs , a Lennon sounding voice also.You never lost your feel for music and also gained a special partner. You both are great and I thank you for sharing.Hopefully we can talk about the old days sometime. All the best. Dennis and Ofelia Mayes.

  6. Joseph says:

    To Anthony DiMaria & Michael Ginese:

    If the Carmine DiMaria you’re referring to grew up in Brooklyn, took lessons with Gus Messana, moved to New Jersey and has sisters named Marie and Mindy, please get in touch with me. I was good friends with him and his family and have been trying for years to contact him. Last time I saw Carmine he wished me lots of luck on a recording I had made. Although I’m now very saddened by the news of his passing, I would like to contact his family, especially Marie and Mindy. Please do get in touch.



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