It’s Alright

Mike GDuring the past week as I was sitting at the piano and a new song was birthed. As I kept working to get the melody moving within the framework of the chords, I began to sing words unbeknownst to me that focused on the plight of the unborn. As the song took on more and more meaning I became very emotional about “what we have done” as a culture. I then began to place lyrics from the perspective of the unborn telling their story and addressing God. While modern song lyrics are heavily aided by melody and chord colors, nevertheless sometimes the words can stand on their own two feet. Lets give it a try with just a verse of lyrics for now and hopefully soon, the song in its entirety.

“You Formed, Me Inside My Mothers Womb

In that Dark Place, It Was Full of Light to You”

I don’t know, just what went Down

I Never saw the Light of Day, Either way I have to say,

Tell Her if You See Her, It’s Alright, I’m With You

Please Just Tell My Mother, I’m With You,  It’s Alright!”


Keep Shining On,

Mike G

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