Summer to Winter for sure!

m and d fl 2014croppedHi it’s me the other half. I think some of you might have to get the conversation going with Mikie G. I don’t think he is convinced you are out there. I am going to post our latest Music Video. Of course, the music playing is a beautiful song Mike wrote about that “feeeeeling” we all get when those warm days of summer are fading, cooler days of fall are disappearing and those really chilly days of winter are approaching. I think we can relate those feelings to our lives as well. So look, listen and read the words. Maybe  you can make a comment below and ask Mike a really deep question. He likes those kind. He’s really not into small talk. I need your help.

It’s still not too late to download the CD from CDbaby or itunes.

Have a wonderful blessed Christmas!


Summer to Winter quote 2

A note Mike sent out to the church here in Clinton Corners.

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Matt. 1:21

“The day of joy returns, Father in Heaven, and crowns another year with peace and good will. Help us rightly to remember the birth of Jesus, that we may share in the song of the angels, the gladness of the shepherds, and the worship of the wise men. Close the doors of hate and open the doors of love all over the world? Let kindness come with every gift and good desires with every greeting. Deliver us from evil, by the blessing that Christ brings, and teach us to be merry with clean hearts. May the Christmas morning make us happy to be thy children, and the Christmas evening bring us to our bed with grateful thoughts, forgiving and forgiven, for Jesus sake. Amen”…Robert Louis Stevenson


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