The Interview with my lovely wife

Mike and Dawn GineseMy Lovely talented wife just did an interview with me about her recently released video.

The song, “You’re Still here With me” is set to pictures of folks who have been together for a mighty long time.

Click here to listen to: The Interview & view “You’re Still Here with Me” song video.

There are so many voices in the world today vying for our attention but the greatest of these voices is Love. Love between two people who view long term commitment, vows and promises seriously is getting more and more rare in our culture. However, when such love is displayed it is enough to stop us in our tracks and make our hearts beat faster. It’s enough to make us yearn to be part of the great concert of life. It’s enough to cause us to stand in awe of the power of love which can move the mountains of loneliness and darkness.

If we can just peek behind the curtain of this visible world and look into the great mystery of Life and Love we will discover, the Great Lover Himself! It is He who pursues us in order to have an intimate relationship with us. There is nothing greater than that. That is the big love from which all smaller human loves derive their meaning. To be known and loved by God and to belong to Him is the reason we are here. 

To share that love with a special other and eventually to the whole world is the great privilege of those who know such love.

“You’re Still Here With Me”, by Gods Grace is what we can say, to God and to another and ultimately what God will say to those who have turned to face and embrace Him.

Keep Shining On,

Mike G

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