Treacherous & Glorious

Michael Ginese, 2011I (Dawn) call it ” Beautiful but sad” and Mike calls it ” Treacherous & Glorious”. Here are some thought from Mike after he attended an assembly to celebrate serving Christ as ministers and either way I feel all of us as His sheep will definitely relate.

What you discover by talking to others is the few riches you have gained on this long road amidst the pain but riches you would not trade for anything. As the journey nears its end you pretty much leave with yourself and whatever God’s grace through Christ has formed in you. And with this, there’s some dustings of love sprinkled upon you by like minded pilgrims who have walked the same treacherous and glorious road to the heavenly city. You strangely stand alone yet among others who also stand alone and therefore in some weird way you’re not alone because in the midst of the aloneness we stand together and He stands among us and therein stands our Joy even if we only catch glimpses of it every now and then.

Share your thoughts; is it treacherous, is it sad, painful and yet glorious?

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One Response to Treacherous & Glorious

  1. Paul Mendolia says:

    I can imagine that being a pastor, serving the Lord,and serving the flock at times so close but yet also remaining so far away and alone. Many of us don’t even know the treacherous road we tread. We need a Shepard with a good strong staff to stick us in the butt as we wander. We must trust our Shepard, the Lord first, but also our earthly Shepard who works on behalf of the Lord. The Shepard knows His Sheep and the Sheep know Him. It is true that we really are never alone.

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